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The expertise and solutions engineered by NETTAN Solutions are aimed at industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

NETTAN Solutions

Joint efforts with other key partners are essential to remain at the edge of the myriad of technologies and cover all aspects of energy management for a given electrical consumer. NETTAN Solutions's key liaisons fall under four (4) categories:

Utilities – Electricity suppliers manage stringent power quality norms such as E.21-10 (low voltage) and E.21-12 (medium voltage) for Hydro-Québec Distribution. Questioning acceptable limits, causes and effects and nonlinear loads right down to the meter is an example of a mandate NETTAN Solutions may be appointed for.
Original Equipment Manufacturers – Major OEMs engineering and developing mitigation products or technologies are often key contributors to finding the best solutions. A collaborative approach with NETTAN Solutions can accelerate the resolution process. FATs (First Article Testing), product interoperability or system design mandates are often given to NETTAN Solutions.
Consulting engineer – The leadership role of EPCs (Engineering and Procurement Contractors) is fundamental to the success of large power projects. NETTAN Solutions may act as a technical advisor for field start-ups, power audits, writing of specifications or manage a whole subset of the project. Such involvement requires NETTAN Solutions to be integrated to the PMO led by the EPC.
NETTAN Solutions partners – Delivering exceptional value to customers in the field would not be possible without NETTAN Solutions partners. Setting-up surveillance (e.g. NeTTan-4) capabilities on site, fine tuning electric loads or providing 24/7 field services is entirely managed by NETTAN Solutions partners.

NETTAN Solutions develops its expertise on the matter of power quality through constant networking with power utilities, OEMs, consulting engineers and NETTAN Solutions agents in the field.

NETTAN Solutions

Typical Applications

The following cases can be initiated by any of the above partners and may involve one or all of them.

Utility Power

A consumer blames its utility for poor power causing occasional and costly plant shutdowns.

Not knowing the root cause, the utility representative is not in a position to define any permanent solution since it might relate to so many different things (i.e. peak demand of neighbours, internal processes polluting the network, lack of VARS...).

A study must take place to determine what the consumption profile is, and then a power audit must be documented to confirm root causes in order to diagnose each with a technical recommendation and economic sense. In this case, NETTAN Solutions oversees all power quality concerns on behalf of the customer and communicates findings with the utility company if the audit revealed abnormal sinewaves upstream from the main entrance meter, so that both sides of the meter are covered.

Such a case can be overseen with the NeTTan-3 Diagnosis service and results in significant savings and reliable power supply.

Food Processing

Whether it is a meat-packaging line, beverage bottling or chicken nuggets cooking on conveyor, supervising production and maintenance as the whole plant hums is absolutely critical.

There are just too many cascading processes, moving stainless steel parts and people to risk a full or partial shutdown. One little motor overheating, one short in a wire or killing sag outside the tolerance zone can start a chain reaction and bring productivity to zero.

What if the supervisor could get an automated notification, direct to his smartphone, preventing such productivity and profit-killers? How about monthly updates showing the only power charts you need to know and real-time warnings?

Turns out this is another typical NeTTan-4 Surveillance opportunity to keep production running with power savings and safer processes because there is no surprise.

Airplane Assembly

Have you ever wondered how big an airplane assembly plant is, or how many operations are needed to assemble a commercial airplane?

Six sigma and lean-manufacturing programs can bear fruit, but keeping hundreds of specialized assemblers at work to deliver on time can mean so much. Today's assembly plants must be flexible to incorporate common resources. The assembly process takes place on a single combined station where all operations except for engine installation are carried out. Representing over one third of an aircraft's value, engines are often among the last components to be assembled in order to reduce inventory cost. Fuselage sections, wings, stabilisers, landing gears and electric gears must all fall in place at the right time. Painting cannot be interrupted. Power outages are simply unacceptable. Even motor generator sets equipped with ATS (Auto Transfer Switches) cannot avoid a gas discharge lighting systems to go down and resume after fifteen or twenty long minutes at final assembly

When the status quo is no longer an option and an overall consulting is required, the NeTTan-3 Diagnosis, the NeTTan-4 Surveillance and NeTTan-5 Realisation services are more likely the best approach.

Outcomes and benefits are then quantified with full sponsorship by upper management to deliver expected results.

In short

Because the cost of operations is usually the biggest number to any price breakdown, managing power quality is a must nowadays to almost any commercial or industrial mass production chain.

The following markets are other common applications to power quality management: building maintenance, data centers, isolated generators, marine and railway transportation, pulp and paper, plastic molding, semi-conductor, pharmaceuticals and show business.

For better efficiency of your operations, entrust NETTAN Solutions the performance management of your electrical network and the quality of your electric wave.

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