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ABB Surge Protectors


• Usable in low and medium-voltage networks : 240kA-400kA, 120kA-200kA, 120kA-240kA, 80kA-120kA and 60kA-120kA.
• Listed to UL 1449 4th Edition for Type 1 and Type 2 SPD applications.
• Fail-safe design with individually fused Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) eliminating single point failure, protecting against both overcurrent and overvoltage events.
• 200kAIC short circuit rating permits direct bus connection to most electrical services.
• Low let through voltage ensured by the lowest possible impedance path to ground and equal current sharing during surge events.
• Weather sealed, powder-coated NEMA 4/IP65 housing is designed for any orientation and indoor/outdoor applications.


• Usable in low and medium-voltage networks : 50kA-100kA and 25kA-80kA.
• Listed to UL 1449 4th edition for Type 2 SPD applications.
• Protects facilities and equipment against the harmful effects of lightning strikes and internally generated electrical transients.
• Includes pre-wired pigtail conductors to streamline installation.
• Features internal copper bus conduction path to minimize system impedances, lowering clamping voltage and increasing protection.

OVRT2 Series

• Critical power (hospitals, data centers, etc.)
• Communications.
• Renewable energy.
• Manufacturing.
• Water/wastewater.
• Commercial.

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